Measurement Techniques

, Volume 48, Issue 7, pp 632–636

Boltzmann's Constant, the Energy Meaning of Temperature, and Thermodynamic Irreversibility

  • M. I. Kalinin
  • S. A. Kononogov
Fundamental Problems in Metrology

DOI: 10.1007/s11018-005-0195-9

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Kalinin, M.I. & Kononogov, S.A. Meas Tech (2005) 48: 632. doi:10.1007/s11018-005-0195-9


The paper discusses the scope for redefining the temperature measurement unit. Boltzmann's constant is naturally related to the temperature, and therefore the unit of temperature measurement can be an energy unit. Thermodynamic irreversibility in a dynamic system linked to a thermostat is discussed, and it is also shown to be desirable to use an energy unit for temperature.

Key words

temperature measurement unit Boltzmann's constant equilibrium state energy thermodynamic irreversibility 


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  • M. I. Kalinin
  • S. A. Kononogov

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