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Henk ten Have: Global bioethics: an introduction

Routledge, New York, 2016, 272 pp, $56.95, ISBN: 978-1-138-12410-3
  • Daniel Takarabe KimEmail author

Henk ten Have is a prolific scholar. In recent years, he has edited a two-volume Compendium and Atlas of Global Bioethics (2013) [1] and a four-volume Handbook of Global Bioethics (2014) [2] with Bert Gordijn, as well as a three-volume Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics (2016) [3] and Global Education in Bioethics (2018) [4]. The present book, Global Bioethics: An Introduction, is notable for its articulation of the theoretical approach that has informed ten Have’s remarkable output. Unlike the others, this book is not an edited volume and, its title notwithstanding, presents much more than a general introduction to scholarship in global bioethics. The book is, in fact, a far-reaching argument for a particular vision of that scholarship—an emergent discipline that ten Have identifies as “a new kind of bioethics” (p. 9).

Health, ten Have notes, is a global phenomenon. Medical goods and expertise have become global commodities. Disease conditions of all types cross national boundaries with...


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