Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics

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Deborah Lynn Steinberg: Genes and the bioimaginary: science, spectacle, culture

Ashgate, 2015, 200 pp, $73.95 (hardback), ISBN: 978-1-4094-6255-2
  • Ana BorovečkiEmail author

In her book Genes and the Bioimaginary: Science, Spectacle, Culture, Deborah Lynn Steinberg focuses on two interlocking themes, informed by the relationship between science, culture, and genes. The first theme explores paradigmatic transformations in science and culture in the wake of the so-called genetic revolution—in political, economic, and regulatory dimensions of science, in the understanding of bodies and identities, health, and illness, and in kinship and ethics. The second theme explores the pervasive and progressive development of genetic discourse in the cultural context as well as the epistemic, but also affective and phantasmic, dimensions of genes and genetics. Steinberg adopts a case-study approach. She analyzes different aspects of the interplay between science, culture, and genetics using a principled blend of semiotics, cultural psychoanalysis, narrative analysis, feminist media studies, and cultural theory. The gene is probed in its service not only as a hub of...


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