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Bart Penders, Niki Vermeulen, and John N. Parker (eds.): Collaboration across Health Research and Medical Care: Healthy Collaboration

Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2015, 246 pp., £65.00, ISBN: 978-1-4094-6094-7
  • Massimiliano ColucciEmail author

As its subtitle asserts, this book gathers some ideas and directions about an interesting matter: “healthy collaboration.” It may be easy to conceptualize how collaboration among professionals, across different areas of knowledge, actors, and stakeholders in healthcare needs to be “healthy” in order to pursue and support good health outcomes. It is a little more difficult to achieve it in real life.

A collaboration is “healthy,” above all, when it fulfills the understanding of the continuously changing dynamics affecting the relationships between all the actors operating in the healthcare systems. Why is this crucial? As put in Chapter 1, looking at the “insufficient governance of the diverse professionals that ought to contribute to care,” one should be aware that “the safety and quality of care is thus closely intertwined with the organization of care work and the ways in which carers work together” (p. 3). There is a strong link between the quality of collaboration in the health...

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