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Preserved and safeguarded copies of Vesalius’s fabrica

Daniel Margócsy, Mark Somos, and Stephen Joffe: The fabrica of Andreas Vesalius: a worldwide descriptive census, ownership, and annotations of the 1543 and 1555 editions. Leiden: Brill, 2018, xix + 517 pp. (incl. 132 illustrations, 5 maps & 9 tables) €165.00 HB
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Vesalius, often considered as “the father of modern anatomy”, was born nearly 500 years ago in Brussels in 1514, into a family of physicians and pharmacists. He started his university studies in the Pedagogium castrense of the University of Louvain. Then, he registered in 1533 at the medical faculty in Paris, where renowned professors, also famous for their philological knowledge, were teaching; among them, Jacobus Sylvius (1478–1555) and Johannes Guinterius Andernacus (1487–1574).

On 5 December 1537, Vesalius defended his dissertation in Padua in order to be awarded the title of Doctor in Medicine. On 6 December, the Senate of Venice, under whose authority the University of Padua was placed, appointed him chirurgiæ explicator, i.e. in charge of practical anatomy classes. It is also in December 1537 that Vesalius performed his first “anatomical demonstration” or public dissection.

Vesalius’s career at the university was quite short (from December 1537 to September 1543, when he started...



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