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A new collection of studies on Spinoza

Michael Della Rocca (ed.): The Oxford handbook of Spinoza. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018, xvii 687, pp $150 HB
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Considering how much scholarship exists on Spinoza, including handbooks and companions to the philosopher and his more prominent works, Ethics and Theological Political Treatise(TTP), one wonders if we need another addition to such a long list. This recent volume proposes itself precisely as such an addition. In his introduction, the editor Michael Della Rocca explains that the goal of this volume is to look both backward and forward, that is, to both illuminate Spinoza’s connections to his philosophical environment, and explore the many ways in which he is relevant today. The book offers twenty-six chapters dedicated to analyzing aspects of Spinoza’s philosophy, illuminating his relationship to some of the most prominent thinkers who were affected by his thought, e.g., Leibniz, Hegel, Nietzche, and explaining the connection between the seventeenth century philosophy and contemporary discussion in metaphysics, as well as modern literary figures, as discussed in an intriguing chapter...


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