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Rescuing Renouvier

Warren Schmaus: Liberty and the pursuit of knowledge: Charles Renouvier’s political philosophy of science. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018, xiii+154pp, US$39.95HB
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Charles Renouvier (1815–1903) was a French philosopher active throughout much of the nineteenth century. Not formally trained as a philosopher, he was largely self-taught in philosophy. He was a student of Auguste Comte’s at the Ecole Polytechnique, with whom he studied mathematics. Renouvier did not hold an academic position. He was an author of numerous articles and books. In 1872, together with François Pillon, he founded La Critique philosophique, politique, scientifique, littéraire, which was for a time one of the few philosophical journals in France. Though almost completely unknown today, Renouvier was an influential figure in nineteenth-century French philosophy. He was an important influence on Durkheim and corresponded with William James. He developed a conventionalist approach to the philosophy of science that predates the conventionalism of Poincaré and Duhem.

This book is a study of Renouvier which focuses on his work in the philosophy of science and its relation to his...

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