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Philosophical and scientific perspectives on cosmology

Khalil Chamcham, Joseph Silk, John D. Barrow, Simon Saunders (editors): The Philosophy of Cosmology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017, 526pp, £49.99 HB
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The Philosophy of Cosmology, edited by Khalil Chamcham, Joseph Silk, John D. Barrow and Simon Saunders, gathers an impressive collection of articles in the form of independent chapters written by leading cosmologists and philosophers of science. This book is the culmination of two programs of interactions between cosmologists and philosophers on both sides of the Atlantic and their coming together in a final joint conference on Tenerife.

Cosmology is unlike any other field in science as it describes a physical system in which observers are living. We have only one universe to study, namely the one in which we are living. This causes immediate difficulties as a basic tenant of scientific methodology is that experiments should be reproducible. Indeed, when unexpected physical phenomena are discovered, experiments are repeated independently by other groups to verify the results of the first performed experiment. A typical historical example is that of the discovery of the violation of the...

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