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A deliciously accessible introduction to quantum mechanics

Jeffrey Bub: Bananaworld: quantum mechanics for primates. Oxford University Press, 2016, 304 pp, $44.95HB
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Perhaps the single most important development in the recent history of quantum foundations has been the emerging dominance of the quantum information theoretic paradigm. In particular, the idea that the fundamental defining difference between classical and quantum theories can be characterized purely in terms of what kinds of correlations they allow, has led to a truly remarkable generalization and broadening of the subject’s purview. Jeffrey Bub’s new book Bananaworld: Quantum Mechanics for Primatesprovides an exceptionally clear, insightful and complete overview of the key conceptual innovations of the information theoretic revolution in quantum foundations. In addition, the book manages to articulate and explain the famously difficult subtleties of quantum correlations with an absolutely minimal amount of mathematical machinery. This accessibility is not bought at the cost of rigor. The exposition is always thorough and precise and Bub never resorts to metaphor or hand waving....


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