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Reaffirming ‘the scientific revolution’

David Knight: Voyaging in strange seas. The great revolution in science. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2014. 344 pp, $25 PB
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Book Review

Another book on the ‘Scientific Revolution’—the historiography of which was deftly summarised by Steven Shapin in the opening sentence of his pithy introduction to the subject: ‘There is no such thing as the Scientific Revolution and this is a book about it’. What new does David Knight’s book have to offer a well-visited subject? In the first place, this is a book for the general reader eschewing technicalities and lucidly written without assuming much prior knowledge. The general intellectual background to the scientific movement in early modern Europe is succinctly sketched in the opening chapters with subsequent chapters organised both thematically and chronologically covering the different aspects of the subject. A particular concern of the author as an historian of chemistry is to incorporate developments in that discipline as an integral part of the Scientific Revolution; medicine, too, is given equal weighting with astronomy and mechanics—fields which often dominate accounts of...

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