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Weathering the infostorm

Vincent F. Hendricks and Pelle G. Hansen: Infostorms: How to take information punches and save democracy. Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, and London: Springer, 2014, 148pp, $19.99 PB
  • Simon D’Alfonso
Book Review

The information age is upon us and with it comes a range of interesting ramifications. Investigations into these matters and ways to deal with the glut of information that pervades our modern information societies have become an important research task. In Infostorms, Vincent Hendricks and Pelle Hansen incorporate tools from formal philosophy, social psychology and game theory to explore a range of phenomena involving the diffusion of information among groups and social networks.

Although the social informational phenomena they explore are not particular to this modern age, modern information technologies and social structures have had a significant effect on their extent. While these technologies can greatly facilitate the dissemination of truthful and relevant information, their use can also amplify the pernicious dissemination of false information in cases where phenomena such as herding, lemming effects, cascades, bystander effects and groupthink occur. Although technologies such...

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