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The aim and scope of scientific metaphysics

Don Ross, James Ladyman, and Harold Kincaid (eds): Scientific metaphysics. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013, x+243pp, £30.65 HB
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Essay Review

Over the recent years, the pursuit of scientific metaphysics has become a central enterprise in the philosophy arena. Issues about the nature of metaphysical research, the scope of metaphysical knowledge, and the role of metaphysics within the human Enlightenment project of the sciences have rapidly experienced a vivid renaissance. The volume under review undoubtedly presents an outstanding, cutting-edge contribution to this debate, and it may well be considered as the most comprehensive and philosophically penetrating book of its kind.

The volume is comprised of ten independent papers. Contributors are Anjan Chakravartty, Daniel Dennett, Michael Friedman, Paul Humphreys, Jenann Ismael, Harold Kincaid, James Ladyman, Andrew Melnyk, Don Ross, and Mark Wilson. Among the main issues addressed are the state of art of scientific metaphysics (Chapter 1), problems regarding the prospects of naturalized metaphysics (Chapter 2), the critique of speculative ontology (Chapter 3), analysis of the...


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