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Computer simulation and philosophy of science

Eric Winsberg: Science in the age of computer simulation. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2010, 168pp, $24.00 PB
  • Wendy S. ParkerEmail author
Book Review

For more than a decade, Eric Winsberg has been publishing insightful and important papers on computer simulation. His trailblazing work has helped to lay a foundation for other philosophers of science, more and more of whom are now taking a serious interest in the topic. This book brings together the central ideas and arguments of Winsberg’s impressive body of work to produce what is to my knowledge the first book-length study of computer simulation from a philosophy of science perspective. The epistemology of simulation receives the most attention, but Winsberg also puts computer simulation into contact with familiar topics in philosophy of science, including confirmation, experiment, realism, reduction and values—in many cases challenging traditional ideas. The book is both philosophically rich and grounded in concrete yet accessible examples, making it valuable reading for anyone interested in computer simulation and its place in contemporary scientific practice. It is a...


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