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Effect of the Architecture on Energy Efficiency of Electric Arc Furnaces of Conventional and Consteel Designs

  • A. N. MakarovEmail author

Heat transfer and arc efficiency of the electric arc furnaces (EAF) of Consteel (DSP-120co) and conventional (DSP-120ob) designs, equipped with the modern melting process intensification means, have been analyzed. For comparison purposes, EAFs of similar capacity and performance were used. As a result of analysis, it was found that the average arc efficiency of the Consteel DSP-120co furnace is 8 to 9% lower than that of the DSP-120ob furnace. The analysis of the EAF arc efficiency made it possible to explain the higher specific energy consumption by the DSP-120co compared to that of the DSP-120ob furnace.


electric arc furnace steel thermal radiation efficiency 


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