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Engineering calculations for processes involved in the production of large-diameter pipes by the sms meer technology

  • V. N. ShinkinEmail author
  • A. P. Kolikov

Analytical methods are presented for calculating the main parameters of the mechanical processes involved in the production of large-diameter pipes by a technology developed by the German company SMS Meer – the process of bending back the edges of the semifinished product (the main parameters here are the size and shape of the thick-walled steel semifinished product during and after its shaping on an edge-bending press, the springback coefficient of the semifinished product, and the residual curvature of its edges), step-forming of the semifinished product into an O-shape (the main parameters here being the size and shape of the contact region between the punch and the semifinished product, the springback coefficient of the latter, and the residual curvature of its surface), and expansion of the pipe (the main parameter being the residual diameter of the pipe after expansion). The model of an elastoplastic medium is used for all stages of the above processes. The results of the study that was performed can be used to develop a technology for making thick-walled large-diameter pipes for major pipelines.


major pipelines large-diameter welded steel pipes edge-bending press press for step-forming a semifinished product into an O-shape expansion model of an elastoplastic medium 


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  1. 1.National Research Technological University – Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (NITU MISiS)MoscowRussia

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