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More or less, and nothing in between

Jean-Luc Nancy and Aurélien Barrau: What’s these worlds coming to. Fordham University Press, 2014, 144 pp, ISBN: 9780823263349
  • Daniele RugoEmail author

For the last three decades Jean-Luc Nancy has worked at a methodical and vigorous deconstruction of the world, driven by the affirmation that the world is without sense. This gesture insists instead on a return to the world from the neglect imposed on it by our philosophical and theological traditions. The demand emerging from Nancy’s thought is that we ask again and again what the world wants of us and what we want of it.

Whilst the three Monotheisms declared their loyalty to a world beyond the world, to the opening of an otherworldly dimension that would rescue this world here, the rationalist trajectory confirmed and secured the completion and fulfilment of sense in a principle outside of this world.

The return to the world Nancy advocates is first of all a matter of retracing the tradition’s unfolding, not in order to recapture its foundational gesture, but so to articulate what this unfolding passes on to us, so to receive, as patiently as possible the world’s absence of sense....

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