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Peter Hallward: Out of this world: Deleuze and the philosophy of creation

Verso, New York, 2006, 164 pp., ISBN 978-1-84467-0796, US $90.00 (cloth), 978-1-84467-5556, US $25.00 (paper)
  • Erinn Cunniff GilsonEmail author

In certain respects, Peter Hallward’s Out of this World: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Creation is a tour de force, an all-encompassing montage surveying Deleuze’s thought in a certainly novel fashion. Hallward’s book appears promising and original because it aims to give equal consideration to the role of thought and the incorporeal in Deleuze’s work, reading Deleuze as a philosopher of “spiritual sobriety” rather than as one of “material exuberance” as is more common (86). Indeed, Hallward’s central thesis that Deleuze’s philosophy comprises an attempt to escape the world and the present, and thus “inhibits any consequential engagement with the constraints of our actual world,” sustains an implicit critique of much Deleuzian scholarship (7, 161). While such a shift in focus has potential, Hallward misses this opportunity by taking the domain of the virtual out of this world. By endeavoring to deal only with what he deems to be the central problem of Deleuze’s work, Out of This World...


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