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Uniqueness Theorem of \({\mathcal{W}}\) -Constraints for Simple Singularities

  • Si-Qi Liu
  • Di Yang
  • Youjin ZhangEmail author


In a recent paper, Bakalov and Milanov (Compositio. Math. 149: 840–888, 2013) proved that the total descendant potential of a simple singularity satisfies the \({\mathcal{W}}\) -constraints, which come from the \({\mathcal{W}}\) -algebra of the lattice vertex algebra associated with the root lattice of this singularity and a twisted module of the vertex algebra. In the present paper, we prove that the solution of these \({\mathcal{W}}\) -constraints is unique up to a constant factor, as conjectured by Bakalov and Milanov in their paper.


W-constraint simple singularity vertex algebra 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

Primary 53D45 Secondary 17B69 32S30 81R10 


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