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Geostatistical Methods for Reservoir Geophysics by Azevedo, L. and Soares, A.

Springer International Publishing AG, 2017
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Book Review

I enjoyed reading this book for its geostatistical content, extension to the area of geophysics, and for its production quality. The target audience is the petroleum engineer, geophysicist, or numerically oriented geologist. In about 130 pages, the book moves from basic geostatistical estimation to the creation of complex models of the subsurface through inversion of 3D seismic data, well log data, and production histories. Topics include spatial models, kriging in its many forms, simulation, creating simple models from seismic reflection and well data, inferring petrophysical models, and incorporating controlled-source electromagnetic data and production history. Geostatistical methods are key to finding optimal geophysical and geological models.

This book moves at a fairly even pace from simple geostatistical methods to ever more complex applications in the final chapter, although, in places, I would have liked more detail. The level is somewhere between an elementary textbook and a...

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