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Greetings Fellow Authors, Readers and Reviewers:

An exciting year for the International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design (MAMD) has just passed and we are entering a new year . This editorial is not only a reflective of the journal’s past year activities, but also a good opportunity to share with you recent enhancements for 2019.

MAMD is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes high-impact research contributions that are innovative and transformative with focus on the rapidly changing field of Mechanics and Materials and their applications in Design. The aim of MAMD is to provide a forum for the dissemination of cutting-edge research in all areas of applied mechanics and engineered materials, and strives to report the most recent advances in these important fields. The coverage of MAMD will continue to feature the following main headings:
  • Multiscale modeling and optimization at varied length scale,

  • Smart materials and adaptive structures,

  • Constitutive behaviour and damage characterization of engineered materials,

  • Experimental mechanics in design, and

  • Case studies and case histories.

The journal features a distinguished Editorial Board, which brings together a team of highly experienced specialists in all aspects of mechanics and materials. The diverse experience of the members is manifest in lending their expertise to a broad spectrum of research in mechanics and materials. In addition to the advice and support provided by the distinguished members of the Editorial Board, I have been ably assisted by two associate editors for the past 5 years: Professor Noritsugu Umehara of Nagoya University (Japan) and Professor Xiong Zhang of Tsinghua University (China). I take this opportunity to thank them most sincerely for their unlimited support, the timely processing of the submitted manuscripts and for guiding the journal to greater heights. Their term in office expired December 31, 2018. However, we are honored to have them as members of our Editorial Board.

Last year, the editors were faced with a few unethical challenges, which I wish to share with you to avoid future disappointments. The first is concerned with the submission of an article that has already been submitted or published elsewhere. The second is concerned with the unjustified addition of authors or changing the order of authors of an article immediately following its acceptance. The third, and the most troubling, is the unethical behaviour of some reviewers who use their review status to enlist their papers in their review with the crooked intention of increasing their citation. To ensure the integrity of MAMD and our service to the community, the editors black list these authors and reviewers. We encourage other journals to adopt these strict practices in the processing of articles.

Let me now share with you some of the remarkable and exciting changes that will take place in 2019. In the past, MAMD only considered the publication of original full-length research papers. Effective immediately, the journal will accept review papers, notes and letters to editor, short communications, and letters commenting on published articles. It is also my pleasure and great privilege to present to you the new associate editors: Professor Mario Guagliano of Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Professor Yang Ju of Nagoya University (Japan) and Professor Chuanzeng Zhang of University of Siegen (Germany). Together, with my Associate Editors, we shall endeavor to process your manuscripts fairly and promptly to ensure the viability of your work and the spread/transfer of knowledge in a timely fashion. Additionally, MAMD has a new face-lift in the form of a new cover. This change was made to give the journal a modern appeal and an attractive face.

Undoubtedly, the success of MAMD is attributed to our talented authors and expert reviewers. It is also attributed to a number of my colleagues in Springer Nature, who work tirelessly to support the daily needs of the journal. Specifically, I wish to thank Michael Luby, Senior Publishing Editor; Suganya Manoharan, Production Administrator; and Keerthana Govindarajan, JEO Assistant for their support.

Lastly, I consider it an honor to be the editor-in-chief of MAMD, and, with my team of highly qualified and motivated editors, look forward to serving you and making MAMD your journal of choice.

Happy new year everyone!


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