Nonlinear reduced-order modeling and effectiveness of electrically-actuated microbeams for bio-mass sensing applications

  • M. GhommemEmail author
  • A. Abdelkefi


We apply perturbation techniques to develop a reduced-order model of an electrically-actuated microcantilever beam with a tip mass deployed as resonant sensor for bio-mass detection and sensing. This analytical model is validated against numerical model obtained by combining the differential quadrature method for space discretization and Runge–Kutta for time marching. The model is then employed to analyze the nonlinear dynamics and effectiveness of the bio-mass sensor under varying electric loading and explore novel concepts to quantify the mass of biological entities. The working principle of the present bio-mass sensor is based on inspecting the attenuation in the microbeam vibrations resulting from the biological element being deposited on its tip and then extracting the corresponding mass. The output parameter of the present bio-mass sensor is considered as the change in the maximum beam deflections at the tip with and without added mass. Calibration curves, showing the variations of the output parameter with the added mass, are generated to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed sensing approach for mass detection of biological elements, particularly the Escherichia coli. Reducing the AC voltage when exciting the microbeam is observed to enhance the sensitivity of the output parameter for specific mass threshold. However, the operational range of the bio-mass sensor can be extended when applying higher DC and AC voltages.


Bio-mass sensor Reduced-order model Nonlinear dynamics Electric actuation Perturbation techniques 


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringAmerican University of SharjahSharjahUAE
  2. 2.Department of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringNew Mexico State UniversityLas CrucesUSA

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