Maartje De Meulder, Joseph J. Murray, and Rachel L. McKee (eds.): The Legal Recognition of Sign Languages: Advocacy and Outcomes

Multilingual Matters, Bristol, 2019, 1+366 pp, €35.00, ISBN: 978-1-78892-400-9 (Hb), ISBN: 978-1-78892-399-6 (Pb), 978-1-78892-402-3 (Eb)
  • Tove Skutnabb-Kangas
Book Review

It seems fair to suspect that most readers of Language Policyknow too little about the struggles by Deaf people to get Sign languages legally recognised as “languages in their own right”, and to receive the kind of services that are considered natural human rights by hearing people. Even in comparison with hearing ITMs (Indigenous/tribal peoples and minorities/minoritized groups), the Deaf (and seriously hard-of-hearing and the deaf-blind) have long been (and still are) in a seriously oppressed situation. Regardless of many international, both general and more detailed, Declarations about what rights the Deaf should have, each state decides what kind of rights the Deaf are granted in and through the legal system and how and by whom these are understood, implemented and financed. It is safe to say that so far there is not a single state where the possibilities of Deaf people to fully participate in the societies where they live would be on a par with hearing people. This book tells...



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