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We are writing to readers with some news of changes in personnel in the editorial team here at Language Policy. First of all, Ofelia Garcia finished her term as Co-Editor-in-Chief at the end of 2018 and she has decided not to continue with a longer term as she would like to pursue other projects and priorities. We were very sad to lose her and want to thank her for all her amazing work on the Journal over the last three years. Ofelia now joins the distinguished company of our Emeritus Editors and will continue to lend her knowledge and support to the Journal in this role. We are delighted to announce that Kate Menken has now replaced Ofelia as Co-Editor-in-Chief. Kate is Professor of Linguistics at Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY), and a Research Fellow at the Research Institute for the Study of Language in an Urban Society of the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research interests include language education policy, bilingual education, and emergent bilinguals in secondary schools. Kate will continue Ofelia’s great work particularly in the area of language education policy. We would like to thank everyone working on the Journal, including our production team and editorial support at Springer, for helping to make this a smooth transition and we would also like to thank authors and readers for their support. Kate and Helen will contribute a joint editorial later in the year outlining their ideas and vision for the journal as it moves forward.

Another change of personnel has involved saying goodbye to our Book Reviews Editor, Leigh Oakes, who has also now stepped down from his role after many long years of service. We are really grateful to Leigh for managing the process so expertly and for ensuring that we have a steady supply of high quality book reviews. Luckily, Sarah Moore has now taken on the managing role and we will be appointing another book review editor to join the team and assist Sarah in the next few months. Leigh has now joined the Editorial Board of the Journal and we are delighted to have his expertise to draw on in this capacity.

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