Liverpool Law Review

, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp 259–301 | Cite as

To Control Or Not To Control? The Need To Control Some Alien Species, The Effectiveness Of Legislation And Possible Future Developments In The Law

  • Bridget Martin


This article examines problems relating to alien or non-native species. These are sometimes a matter of grave concern and feature regularly in news items. Current legislation appears unable to control these plants and animals until they have become such a threat to other species that the only available action is to cull them, sometimes to the point of total eradication; a solution that is undesirable unless there are no other options. Therefore, relevant cases are studied in some detail to highlight potential loopholes in the law. Finally, the article considers important new developments in United Kingdom legislation and suggests some possible amendments further to ameliorate the situation.


alien or non-native species, control, ‹effective’ legislation, problems, precautionary approach 


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  1. 1.Lancashire Law SchoolUniversity of Central LancashirePrestonUK

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