The Effects of Leptin on Rat Brain Development; An Experimental Study

  • Arzu YayEmail author
  • Gozde Ozge Onder
  • Saim Ozdamar
  • Anzel Bahadir
  • Metin Aytekin
  • Munevver Baran


Leptin has a crucial role in the development of the brain throughout the embryonic and neonatal stages. Leptin-deficient mice have diminished total brain volume, weight, and DNA amount, which are redintegrated by the supplementation of leptin (Ahima and Osei 2004; Steppan and Swick 1999). It has been determined that maternal leptin concentration was increased in transgenic skinny mice overexpressing leptin after birth, which was associated with a lower fetal body weight compared to wild type mice (Sagawa et al. 2002). These findings suggest that leptin levels, from both the fetus and the mother, may be associated with the neonatal growth and development (Udagawa et al. 2006).

Leptin may serve as an important hormone for fetal growth. Its signaling may provide a nutritional sensing function available from the mother to fetus during pregnancy (Masuzaki et al. 1997). In normal development, it has been detected in the blood of the umbilical cord at the 18th week of gestation,...



The authors declared that this study was funded by Scientific Research Coordination Unit of Erciyes University (EUBAP, TCD-4471).

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