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The Influence of the Complete Nonexterior Square Graph on some Infinite Groups



The notion of nonabelian exterior square may be formulated for a pro-p-group G (p prime), getting the complete nonabelian exterior square\( G\widehat{\varLambda}G \) of G. We introduce the complete nonexterior square graph\( {\widehat{\varGamma}}_G \) of G, investigating finiteness conditions on G from restrictions on \( {\widehat{\varGamma}}_G \) and viceversa. This graph has the set of vertices G − (G), where (G) is the set of all elements of G commuting with respect to the operator \( \widehat{\varLambda} \), and two vertices x and y are joined by an edge if \( x\widehat{\varLambda}y\ne 1 \). Studying \( {\widehat{\varGamma}}_G \), we find the well-known noncommuting graph as a subgraph. Moreover, we show results on the structure of G and introduce a new class of groups, which originates naturally when G is infinite but \( {\widehat{\varGamma}}_G \) is finite.


complete nonabelian exterior square noncommuting graph pro-p-groups capable groups exterior degree 


05C25 20E18 20J05 05C63 


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and Applied MathematicsUniversity of Cape TownCape TownSouth Africa

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