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Strengthening Moral Distinction

  • Seth LazarEmail author


The authors in this symposium on Sparing Civilians gave me much to think about; their criticisms have helped me to strengthen the argument for moral distinction, and enhance the moral protection of civilians in war. In this response I address their objections thematically, focusing in turn on each chapter of the book.


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Thanks again to Alec, Cheyney, Victor, and Yitzhak for their thoughtful responses to my book, and to all the attendees at the workshop on Sparing Civilians and Defensive Killing for their comments, many of which informed my responses here. Particular thanks to Helen Frowe and Kimberly Kessler Ferzan for helping to bring this symposium together. Research on this project was supported by ARC Grants DE130100811 and DP170101394.

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