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N. Jürgens, U. Schmiedel and M. T. Hoffman (eds): Biodiversity in Southern Africa, Vols 1–3

Klaus Hess Publishers, Göttingen, DE, and Windhoek, NA, 2010, Hard Cover, ISBN 978-3-933117-45-8
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This series of three books with a total of almost 1,400 pages summarizes the main results of the German project BIOTA Southern Africa. This project, running from 2001, is one of the cluster of four projects focused on biodiversity in different parts of Africa, the others being BIOTA Maroc, BIOTA West Africa and BIOTA East Africa.

The BIOTA Southern Africa project is centered around a set of 37 study sites, termed BIOTA Observatories, located along a north–south transect running from northern Namibia to the Cape of Good Hope, and along a shorter west–east transect running from the coast to the interior across central Namibia. These transects cover areas with both summer and winter rainfall maxima, and run through six biomes: Woodland Savanna, Thornbush Savanna, Nama Karoo, Namib Desert, Succulent Karoo and Fynbos. Each BIOTA Observatory consists of a 1 × 1 km2, divided into 100 grid cells of 1 ha, in which sampling of vegetation, fauna and different environmental variables took place....

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