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Introduction to the special issue on soundscape ecology

  • Bryan C. PijanowskiEmail author
  • Almo Farina

Welcome to the special issue on “Soundscape Ecology”. These selected contributions represent a diverse array of papers that span theory, application, methods, and historical perspectives in soundscape ecology—a field that synthesizes several existing disciplines, and focuses on patterns of acoustical composition in landscapes. Nearly every landscape in the world contains sounds from a variety of sources, but their spatial dynamics have been ignored or underappreciated by ecologists until recently.

The preface by Truax and Barrett (2011) describes how soundscape ecology is related to two important parallel fields: acoustic ecology, grounded mostly in the humanities, and landscape ecology, a field that has grown into a formidable branch of ecology. This is a rare perspective that few scholars can provide. In his work with F. Murray Schafer, Truax reconsidered acoustic ecology’s early focus on natural sounds from a subjective approach (i.e., a listener), elevating the role of ecological...


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BCP would like to acknowledge NSF grant III-XT (IIS-0705836) that supported his effort to coordinate this special issue. We thank Amy Coombs, Burak Pekin, NahNah Kim, Pat Zollner and Dawn Johnston for comments on earlier draft of this paper.


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