47th European Muscle Conference in Budapest, Hungary


The 2018 European Muscle Conference was organized in the Basic Medical Science Center of Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, between 30 August and 3 September. What follows below is the collection of abstracts that were submitted to the conference.

While focusing on a central theme of “motor-protein pharmacology”, the meeting was organized in twelve thematic sessions: Skeletal muscle mechanics, Muscle cytoskeleton, Neuromuscular signaling and interaction, Cardiac contractility and failure, Molecular motors, Smooth muscle contraction and pathology, Thin filament and actin-binding proteins, Motor protein pharmacology, Muscle energetics, Contraction regulation and EC coupling, Muscle development, regeneration and disease, Integrative muscle biology. The plenary talk of the conference, following the central theme, was given by James Spudich of Stanford University. Besides the main thematic sessions, four workshops, hosted by instruments manufacturing companies, ran in parallel with...

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