Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility

, Volume 28, Issue 7–8, pp 429–480 | Cite as

XXXVIth European Muscle Conference of the European Society for Muscle Research

Stockholm, Sweden, September 8–12, 2007

Organizing Committee

Prof. A. Arner and Dr. C. Lövdahl

Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Prof. L. Larsson

Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Uppsala University, Uppsala

List of Abstracts

Session I: Cytoskeletal interactions and dynamics

Oral Presentations

  1. 1:1

    Linke, W. A. Titin expression, mechanics, and mechanosensor function in health and disease

  2. 1:3

    Pinotsis, N. Lange, S., Perriard, J. C., Svergun, D. I., Wilmanns, M. Myomesin forms a two-chained, antiparallel filament across the M-band in muscle sarcomeres

  3. 1:4

    Luther, P. Winkler, H., Taylor, K., Craig, R., Padron, R., Zoghbi, M.-E., Liu, J. Electron tomography reveals the structure of the C-zone in striated muscle

  4. 1:5

    Fürst, D. O., Gehmlich, K., Pinotsis, N., Van der Ven, P. F. M., Milting, H., El Banayosy, A., Körfer, R., Ehler, E., Wilmanns, M. The interaction of ponsin and paxillin in costameres


Poster Presentations

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    Zieseniss, A., Terasaki, A. G., Gregorio, C. C. Lasp-2...

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