Thermal conductivity of deep eutectic solvents

  • Rajesh Kumar Gautam
  • Debabrata SethEmail author


We have reported the thermal conductivities of three deep eutectic solvents (DESs). We have used choline chloride, N,N-diethyl ethanol ammonium chloride and urea, N,N-diethylthiourea, to prepare three DESs. The thermal conductivities of three DESs have measured over the temperature range from 298 to 343 K at atmospheric pressure. We have observed that the thermal conductivities of DESs are slightly decreased with increase in temperature. In all systems, linear correlations were found between thermal conductivities with temperature. Out of three, DESs studied the thermal conductivities of DES-I (prepared from urea and choline chloride) and DES-II (prepared from urea and N,N-diethyl ethanol ammonium chloride) were found to be higher than some ionic liquids reported in the literature. We have measured the sound velocity of DES at 298 K. The trend of sound velocity in these three DESs is same as thermal conductivity. We have also reported viscosity of DES-III (prepared from thiourea and choline chloride) in the temperature range from 288 to 333 K.


Deep eutectic solvents Thermal conductivity Ultrasound velocity Thermophysical properties 

List of symbols


Diameter (m)


Temperature (K)


Ultrasonic frequency


Time (s)


Molar gas constant (J mol−1 K−1)


Constant heat rate



Deep eutectic solvent


Melting point (K)

Greek letters


Wavelength (nm)


Sound velocity (ms−1)


Viscosity of the medium (cP)


Thermal conductivity (W m−1 K−1)


Gradient (–)



All the authors are thankful to IIT Patna for research facilities. R.K.G also thanks U.G.C, New Delhi, for the research fellowship.


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