A review on potentials of coupling PCM storage modules to heat pipes and heat pumps

  • S. RashidiEmail author
  • H. Shamsabadi
  • J. A. Esfahani
  • S. Harmand


A large portion of world’s final energy consumption is employed in thermal form. The proper techniques can be used to improve the efficiencies of thermal energy systems and decrease the energy consumption. Phase change material (PCM) storage modules can be coupled with different thermal systems to improve their thermal efficiency. This paper reviews the real potentials of coupling PCM storage modules to heat pipes and heat pumps in terms of energy saving and thermal energy management. The different systems suggested by researchers are described, and the main findings of the studies are provided. The advantages and disadvantages of these combined systems are discussed, and some suggestions for future studies are provided. The results show that heat pipes show great heat transfer ability and have good efficiency in improving heat transfer within PCMs. Moreover, heat pipes can be incorporated into PCMs to decrease the thermal resistance. The purpose of PCM coupled with heat pipe is to incorporate the large thermal conductivity of heat pipe with the large latent heat capacity of PCM. PCMs have ability to balance the unconformity between supply and demand in heat pumps and decrease the size of storage tank used in a heat pump module.


Phase change materials Heat pipes Heat pumps Energy storage Coupling Efficiency 



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