Experimental studies on passive inclined solar panel absorber solar still

  • C. Sasikumar
  • A. Muthu Manokar
  • M. Vimala
  • D. Prince Winston
  • A. E. Kabeel
  • Ravishankar SathyamurthyEmail author
  • Ali J. Chamkha


This manuscript aims to analyze the passive inclined solar panel basin (PISPB) still at diversified flow rate of water (mf). The freshwater collected from the solar still for different mf at 4.68, 7.56 and 10.08 kg h−1 is 3.7, 2.7 and 1.6 kg, respectively. Results showed that at higher flow condition, the still energy and exergy efficiency decreases and it is estimated as 36.06, 25.56 and 16.95% and 2.97, 1.91 and 1.01%, respectively, for flow rates of 4.68, 7.56 and 10.08 kg h−1. Results revealed that electrical, thermal and exergy efficiency of photovoltaic panel increases under higher flow condition and it is found as 8.05, 8.81 and 9.44%, 11.43, 20.8 and 22.17 and 19.38, 20.58 and 21.16% for mass flow rates of (mf) 4.68, 7.56 and 10.08 kg h−1, respectively. When the mf increases, there is a decrease in the PISPB still distilled water production rate, thermal and exergy efficiency, and there is an increase in power production, electrical, thermal and exergy efficiency through the photovoltaic panel.


Passive solar still Mass flow rates Enhancement Electrical efficiency Thermal efficiency 



Conventional solar still


Convective heat transfer coefficient


Evaporative heat transfer coefficient


Inclined solar panel basin


Pyramid solar still




Stepped solar still

List of symbols


Area (m2)


Heat transfer coefficient (W m−2 K−2)


Current (A)


Solar intensity (W m−2)


Latent heat of vaporization (kJ kg−1 K−1)


Hourly productivity from solar still (kg m−2 h−1)


Partial vapor pressure (N m−2)


Temperature (°C)


Voltage (V)


Efficiency (%)


Mass flow rate of water


Panel temperature













Inner glass




Surface area of condensing cover





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