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Radiation processing analysis of aged EPDM/vinyl-POSS hybrid systems

  • Traian ZaharescuEmail author


The hybrid blends consisting of ethylene–propylene–diene monomer (EPDM) and vinyl polyhedral silsesquioxane (vinyl-POSS) nanoparticles were studied. Increasing filler concentrations, namely 2, 4, 6 and 8 phr, were added to the polymer substrate. The thermal stability was tested by chemiluminescence, while infrared spectroscopy describes the degradation development. The accelerated oxidative degradation promoted by thermal γ-irradiation treatments revealed that the low concentrations of vinyl-POSS create favorable conditions for hindering the development of the oxidation aging of host polymer. The most stable hybrid of this series contains 6 phr of vinyl-POSS. The addition of vinyl-POSS in the waste EPDM formulations is a proper solution for its reclaiming. The structural aspects related to the contribution of vinyl-POSS to oxidation prevention are discussed.


EPDM POSS Stabilization Chemiluminescence 



The authors of this paper are grateful to Romania Space Agency (ROSA) for financial support of the Project “Biosealing for Mars Sample Containment System” 137/2017 that includes the present results.


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