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Phase transformations in an annealed Cu–9Al–10Mn–3Gd alloy

  • G. F. Brazolin
  • C. C. S. Silva
  • L. S. Silva
  • R. A. G. SilvaEmail author


The phase transformations in the Cu–9Al–10Mn–3Gd alloy were studied using differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction patterns, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersion X-ray spectroscopy and magnetic moment change with applied field and temperature. The results showed that the effects produced by the Mn atoms are dominant on those attributed to the Gd atoms in the annealed Cu–9Al–10Mn–3Gd alloy. For quaternary alloy the results also indicated that the Gd stabilizes a fraction of the paramagnetic β3 phase at lower temperatures and suppresses its paramagnetic–ferromagnetic ordering; in addition, it increases the Curie temperature of the Cu–9Al–10Mn alloy.


Cu-based alloys Phase transformations DSC curves 



The authors thank to FAPESP (2015/18996-0) and CNPq (409714/2016-0) for financial support and LNNano for technical support during electron microscopy work (FEI-Inspect F50 FEG High-Resolution SEM).

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  • G. F. Brazolin
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  • C. C. S. Silva
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  • L. S. Silva
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  • R. A. G. Silva
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