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Kinetic analysis of crystallization process in [(Fe0.9Ni0.1)77Mo5P9C7.5B1.5]100−xCux (x = 0.1 at.%) BMG

Non-isothermal condition
  • Z. Jaafari
  • A. Seifoddini
  • S. HasaniEmail author
  • P. Rezaei-Shahreza


The present work demonstrates the results of crystallization kinetic of [(Fe0.9Ni0.1)77Mo5P9C7.5B1.5]100−xCux (x = 0.1 at.%) amorphous metallic alloy during non-isothermal annealing done by differential thermal analysis at various heating rates of 10, 20, and 40 K min−1 up to 1473 K. The results showed that by increasing the crystallization temperature, some crystalline phases including α-Fe, γ-Fe, FeNi2P, and Fe3C were formed. In addition, the volume fraction of crystalline phases increased from 9.2 to 20.2%, confirming the presence of crystalline phases by FE-SEM results. To calculate the activation energy (Eα), which is approximately independent of “α” in a wide range, some isoconversional methods such as Starink and Friedman were used for various crystallization steps. Moreover, the invariant kinetic parameters including IKP method and fitting models were used to calculate the empirical kinetic triplets [E, A, and g(α)]. IKP and Fitting methods are in a good agreement with each other to determine the kinetic mechanism at each crystallization stage. Therefore, to ensure the IKP results, the mechanism of four crystallization peaks was determined using a fitting method. Finally, it was found that the first, second, third, and fourth crystallization stages were controlled by A4, A4, A4, and P4 models, respectively.


Amorphous alloys Crystallization Non-isothermal kinetics Nanocomposite Nanococrystals 


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  • A. Seifoddini
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  • S. Hasani
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  • P. Rezaei-Shahreza
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