Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

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XRD characterization of the ashes from a burned cellulosic fabric impregnated with magnesium bromide hexahydrate as flame-retardant

  • S. M. MostashariEmail author
  • F. Fayyaz


The effect of magnesium bromide hexahydrate [MgBr2·6H2O] as a nondurable finish on the flammability of 100% cotton fabric, (woven construction, massing 150 g m−2) has been investigated. The laundered bone-dried, massed fabrics were impregnated with various concentrations of the aqueous above-mentioned salt solutions by means of squeeze rolls and drying in an oven at 110°C for 30 min. The specimens were then cooled in a desiccator, re-massed with an analytical balance and kept under standard conditions before the fulfillment of the vertical flame spread test.

After several experiments the optimum add-on values to impart flame-retardancy expressed in g anhydrous magnesium bromide hexahydrate per 100 g fabric were determined to be about 5.6%. The ashes of the treated specimens were subjected to X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), and the result was compared with data for pure MgO powder and/or MgBr2 specimens. Consequently the existence of MgO was detected in the ashes.


flame-retardancy free-radical theory gas theory magnesium bromide hexahydrate XRD 


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  1. 1.Chemistry GroupFaculty of Science, Gilan UniversityRashtIran

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