Sol–gel synthesis and investigation of catalysts on the basis of perovskite-type oxides GdMO3 (M = Fe, Co)

  • L. V. Yafarova
  • I. V. Chislova
  • I. A. ZverevaEmail author
  • T. A. Kryuchkova
  • V. V. Kost
  • T. F. Sheshko
Original Paper: Sol–gel and hybrid materials for catalytic, photoelectrochemical and sensor applications


The perovskite-type oxides GdCoxFe1−xO3 (x = 0; 0.2; 0.5; 0.8; 1) synthesized by the sol–gel method were tested as catalysts in the dry reforming of methane to syngas between 500 and 950 °С at atmospheric pressure. Thermal analysis (TG and DSC coupled with MS) and phase analysis (X-ray diffraction) were used for the synthesis parameters control. The morphology and surface area were determined by BET and SEM methods. The highly crystalline, homogeneous and pure solids with well-defined structures were prepared. The mixed GdCoxFe1−xO3 (x = 0; 0.2; 0.5; 0.8; 1) structure belongs to an orthorhombic crystal system with a space group of Pnma (62). The partial substitution of Fe by Co leads to the increase of the catalytic activity. in the row: GdFeO3 < GdFe0.5Co0.5O3 < GdCoO3 ⩽ GdFe0.8Co0.2O3 ≈ GdFe0.2Co0.8O3. An additional point is that the presence of Co in B-site suppresses secondary reactions such as reverse water gas-shift without slowing the dry reforming reaction, which produces syngas in a ratio close to 1.


  • Nanosized GdCoxFe1−xO3 (x = 0; 0.2; 0.5; 0.8; 1) perovskite-type oxides have been synthesized via the sol–gel method.

  • According to XRD patterns the single phase products with orthorhombic structure were obtained.

  • GdCoxFe1−xO3 (x = 0; 0.2; 0.5; 0.8; 1) have been tested as catalysts in the dry reforming of methane.

  • The catalytic activity increases in the following row: GdFeO3 < GdFe0.5Co0.5O3 < GdCoO3 ⩽ GdFe0.8Co0.2O3 ≈ GdFe0.2Co0.8O3.


Perovskites Sol–gel method Fe and Co substitutions Catalysts Dry reforming of methane 



This work was financially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Projects No. 18-33-01209 and No. 17-03-00647). The publication has been prepared with the support of the «RUDN University Program 5-100». Research was performed at the Center for Thermogravimetric and Calorimetric Research, Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotechnology and Research Centre for X-ray Diffraction Studies of Research Park of St. Petersburg State University.

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  1. 1.Department of Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Petrodvorets, Institute of ChemistrySaint Petersburg State UniversitySaint-PetersburgRussia
  2. 2.Faculty of Science, Physical and Colloidal Chemistry DepartmentPeople’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)MoscowRussia

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