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Band-gap energy estimation from diffuse reflectance measurements on sol–gel and commercial TiO2: a comparative study

  • Rosendo López
  • Ricardo GómezEmail author
Original Paper


A comparison of the band gap energy estimated from UV–vis reflectance spectra of TiO2 powders prepared by sol–gel route versus commercial TiO2 powders, nanopowder, bulkpowder and P25 is reported. The experimental results obtained from the optical absorption spectra were reported for all the TiO2 samples. Graphic representations were used to calculate Eg: absorbance versus λ; F(R) versus E; (F(R) )n versus E, with n = ½ for an indirect allowed transition and n = 2 for a direct allowed transition. From the results, it could be seen that Eg strongly varied according to the equation used for the graphic representation. Differences in Eg up to 0.5 eV for the same semiconductor depending on the transition chosen were observed. Accurate Eg estimation in the four semiconductors studied was obtained by using the general equation α () ≈ B ( − Eg)n (where α ~ F(R)) and indirect allowed transition.


Titanium dioxide semiconductor Band gap calculation Titanium dioxide electronic transitions Kubelka–Munk method 



We thank to CONACYT for the CB-2006-1-62053 grant relative to: “Preparation of semiconductors by the sol–gel method”. R. López acknowledges to CONACYT fellowship.


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