Study of spin coated multilayer zirconia and silica films for non-quarterwavelength optical design based antireflection effect at 1,054 nm

  • Shyamal Das
  • Sunirmal Jana
  • Nilanjana Das
  • Soumya Shankar Ghosh
  • Prasanta Kumar BiswasEmail author
Original paper


A non-quarterwavelength optical design (design wavelength, λo = 1,054 nm) based antireflection (AR) coating was prepared by sol–gel spin coating technique. Two materials, zirconia and silica were chosen for the deposition of AR layers on borosilicate crown glass, refractive index (R. I. = 1.51). For this design, the bottom and middle layers were of zirconia with the R. I. range 1.941–1.958 while the top layer was of silica with R. I. 1.455. To understand the surface feature after each deposition, refractive index and physical thickness of the layers were measured ellipsometrically (λ = 632.8 nm) at different points over the area, 10 mm × 10 mm with an interval of 0.5 mm along the centre based perpendicular projection made on an imaginary chord. The surface feature was examined by plotting the measured values of the optical parameters against the displacement. The surface roughness decreased with increasing layers. This was verified by the study of AFM images of the layers. Specular reflection of the antireflection coated product at λ0 was comparable to that of the theoretically simulated curve.


Sol–gel process Multilayer zirconia Film thickness Refractive index Antireflection property 



The authors thank the Director, CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata for his permission to publish this paper. The developmental work on AR coating was carried out under the sponsorship of BRNS, DAE, Govt. of India. One of the authors N. D thanks to BRNS for providing her research fellowship.


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  • Shyamal Das
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  • Sunirmal Jana
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  • Nilanjana Das
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  • Soumya Shankar Ghosh
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  • Prasanta Kumar Biswas
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  1. 1.Sol–Gel DivisionCSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research InstituteJadavpur, KolkataIndia
  2. 2.Fiber Optics and Photonics DivisionCSIR-CGCRIKolkataIndia

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