Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology

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Hybrid organic–inorganic sol–gel materials for micro and nanofabrication

  • Giovanna BrusatinEmail author
  • Gioia Della Giustina
Original Paper


In this review hybrid organic–inorganic (HOI) resists as emerging materials alternative to organic polymers for micro and nanolithography are presented and discussed. In particular, results on sol–gel materials belonging to 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane based HOI are presented and reviewed, highlighting as various lithographic techniques can be used to pattern their surface and showing examples of micro- and nano-patterned structures achieved with radiation assisted lithography (UV, X-rays and electron beam) or imprint techniques. It will be demonstrated the particular versatility shown by some of these materials, that in some case can be processed with all the lithographic methods herein considered, without any significant modification of their main composition and synthesis procedure. Moreover, results about the investigation of interaction between radiation and HOI materials and thermal treatment will be discussed, as well as possible synthesis strategies and composition modification developed in order to improve efficiency of curing, tailor HOI properties to specific needs (optical properties, resist composition, mechanical stability, etc.) and explore innovative and non conventional patterning techniques. The reported results highlight as these novel materials, thanks to their solution processability and higher performances respect to commercial polymeric resists, allow to use the above mentioned lithographic techniques in a direct patterning process, strongly simplifying conventional technique and reducing their processing time and costs.


Hybrid organic–inorganic materials Sol–gel Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane Nanoimprinting UV lithography X-rays Electron beam lithography 



The authors gratefully acknowledge support from the University of Padova through the PLATFORMS strategic project “PLAsmonic nano-Textured materials and architectures FOR enhanced Molecular Sensing”—prot. STPD089KSC.


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