Extraction of thorium using primary amine N1923 levextrel resin by a micro-column

  • Guo-long GuoEmail author


The extraction behavior of thorium from Baotou iron ore with primary amine N1923 levextrel resins by a micro-column was investigated under the decompression technology. Thorium was adsorbed on the micro-column conditioned by 3 mol L−1 HCl solution before use. The washing liquor of 0.5 mol L−1 H2SO4–0.1 mol L−1 H3PO4 solution was used to wash impurity elements and the solution of 3 mol L−1 HCl was used as the eluent for thorium. The method was applied to analyze thorium in the Baotou iron ore sample. The relative standard deviations of thorium in R-715 standard sample, Baotou main ore standard sample and Baotou west ore were of 0.49%, 1.63%, 1.16%, respectively. The accuracy of the method was satisfactory.


Extraction Thorium Primary amine N1923 Micro-column 



The authors are specially thankful to professor Mr. Ming-Biao Luo for his help with and in support of this work.


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