Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 322, Issue 3, pp 1975–1982 | Cite as

Comparison of four analytical techniques for determining uranium in different rock samples

  • Entesar M. El GammalEmail author
  • Sherien H. Ahmed


Four different analytical techniques were compared for their performance in direct determination of uranium in seven rock samples. These methods include: ion chromatography, laser fluorimetry, UV–Vis spectrophotometry and gamma spectrometry. The samples under study were six ore samples beside an international reference sample (GBWO4115). The results obtained from the comparison study reported a method accuracy of 98%, 90%, 65% and 86% for ion chromatography, laser fluorimetry, UV–Vis spectrophotometry and gamma spectrometry techniques respectively. Also, on the converse of the other three techniques, ion chromatography technique using DX-500 ion chromatograph achieves superior agreement with the certified sample with only 2% bias.


Uranium Rock samples Four analytical techniques 



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