Synthesis of the Y nanometer zeolites from fly ash and its adsorption models for aqueous Cs+ ions

  • Qian Huang
  • Li-Xia ZouEmail author
  • Peng Lan
  • Chuo Yang
  • Zhi-Yu Jing
  • Yangzhi Xu
  • Jianfei Xu


Y type nano zeolite (NFA-Y) was synthesized from fly ash by hydrothermal method at low temperature and without adding template. The structural and properties of the materials were characterized using XRD, BET Surface area analyzer and SEM. The results showed that the particle size of NFA-Y about 80 nm, the specific surface area is 508.2 m2 g−1, the pore volume is 0.342 cm3 g−1. The adsorption characteristics of Cs+ in aqueous solution by NFA-Y were studied. The adsorption capacity of the NFA-Y was 167.12 mg g−1 about. The adsorption equilibrium and the kinetic studies showed that the main adsorption mechanism were monolayer coverage and the chemical adsorption plays a dominant role in the overall Cs+ adsorption process.


Y type nano zeolite (NFA-Y) Characterized Adsorption Cs+ ions Models 



This study was supported by science and technology support program (20151BBG70013, ZL20171BBE50031) of Science and Technology Department of Jiangxi province and supported by Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University. The help and cooperation rendered by the management of Fengcheng Thermal Power Station in collecting fly ash for this research work was greatly acknowledged.


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  1. 1.State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Resources and EnvironmentEast China University of TechnologyNanchangChina
  2. 2.School of Chemical Biology and Materials Science InstituteEast China University of TechnologyNanchangChina

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