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Removal of Arsenazo-III from liquid radioactive waste by cloud point extraction

  • Mostafa M. HamedEmail author
  • Refaat F. Aglan


In this context, micelle solutions of TritonX-100 and Tween-80 were examined as extractive nonionic surfactants. The monolayer-capacity (Qmax) was found to be 1.7 × 10−3 mol/mol. The new proposed cloud-point-extraction procedure was successfully utilized for the extractive removal of Arsenazo-III from radioactive wastewaters having actinides species. The data also denoted that the concentrations of U(VI) and Th(IV) were sharply decreased. Therefore, the possibility of using these conditions in the simultaneous removal and recovery of these actinides was studied. The results showed that U(VI) and Th(IV) can be effectively decontaminated from different solutions with removals of 96–99% and 90–91% for U(VI) and Th(IV), respectively.


Cloud-point-extraction Arsenazo-III Radioactive waste Uranium Thorium 



The authors would like to express their deep thanks to Dr. A. A. El-Sayed, professor of analytical chemistry for his valuable support and revising this text.


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