Radiolabeling of DNA nanostructure with 99mTc using DTPA as a chelate

  • Xiaoyan Duan
  • Jianbo LiEmail author
  • Xiaoling LuEmail author


In the field of nanotechnology, DNA-based nanoscale materials have facilitated the construction of DNA polyhedrons with different shapes and sizes by using predictable base pairing and highly tunable conformation. In this study DNA bipyramid nanostructures with one arm chain (T20-DBNs) were successfully prepared in a single annealing procedure. 99mTc-A20 ssDNA was obtained by radiolabeled DTPA-A20 with 99mTc, and then 99mTc-DTPA-DBNs were obtained by hybridizing T20-DBNs with 99mTc-A20 ssDNA. We focused on studying a method of 99mTc radiolabeling DNA nanostructures with DTPA as a chelate, and hoped to develop a new SPECT molecular imaging probe based on DNA nanostructures.


Radiolabeling 99mTc DNA bipyramid nanostructures Molecular imaging probes 



The authors’ work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 81360227) and Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia (2018LH08044).


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  1. 1.Inner Mongolia Medical University, Affiliated HospitalHohhotChina

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