Investigation characteristics of polyvinyl alcohol film dyed methylene blue and irradiated by gamma source

  • Anh Thi VoEmail author
  • Nghiep Dai Tran
  • Giap Van Trinh
  • Diep Bang Tran
  • Binh Van Nguyen


The polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films dyed methylene blue containing different masses of boric acid and PVA powder were investigated. The dyed PVA films were irradiated by 60Co γ-source in a dose range from 10 to 150 kGy. The optical density changes at pre and post-irradiation of these films were studied by UV–VIS 2450 spectrophotometer at 668 nm wavelength. The gamma dose–response curves of the dyed PVA films were described by saturated exponential function of the energy transfer model with a high correlative coefficient. Fading effect of the dyed films after irradiation was investigated carefully.


Polyvinyl alcohol Dyed film Dose–response curves Optical density Methylene blue Boric acid 



The authors would like to thank the Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, the Hanoi Irradiation Center and Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute for their support toward the successful completion of this work with the project No. KC.05.04/16-20.


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  • Nghiep Dai Tran
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  • Giap Van Trinh
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  • Diep Bang Tran
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  2. 2.Hanoi Irradiation CenterHanoiVietnam

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