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Influences of Co-60 gamma-ray irradiation on electrical characteristics of Al2O3 MOS capacitors



Effects of gamma-ray irradiation on the electrical characteristics of Al2O3 MOS capacitors such as barrier height, acceptor concentration, series resistance and interface state parameters have been studied by analyzing capacitance–voltage (CV) and conductance–voltage (G/ωV) measurements. The fabricated MOS capacitors were irradiated with gamma-rays at doses up to five grays. CV and G/ωV measurements were recorded prior to and after irradiation at high frequency. The results show that the measured capacitance and conductance values decreased with increasing in irradiation dose and CV and G/ω curves has been shifted toward the negative voltages. Moreover, the series resistance (R s) and density of interface states increased with increasing in irradiation dose and density of interface states (D it) were calculated as order of 1012 eV−1cm−2 prior to and after irradiation. Due to presence and variations in the R s values, the corrected and the measured CV and G/ωV exhibited different behaviors. Therefore other electrical characteristics were assessed from corrected C c characteristics. It was observed that acceptor concentration decreased with increasing in barrier height of device due to changes in interface states and diffusion potential.


Radiation effects Al2O3 MOS capacitor Interface states Series resistance Barrier heights 



This work is supported by Ministry of Development of Turkey under Contract Number: 2012K120360.


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  2. 2.Nuclear Radiation Detectors Research and Development CenterBoluTurkey

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