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Selected minor and trace elements from water bodies of western Paraguay

  • J. F. Facetti-MasulliEmail author
  • P. Kump


Minor and trace elements composition of bottom sediments from water bodies in Western Paraguay have been investigated by XRF techniques to determine their correlation as well as provenance. The analysis of complex spectra was performed by the AXIL software and the quantitative analysis by the QAES software. Analyzed trace elements were the refractory elements Rb, Sr, Y, Zr, Nb, Ba, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Zr, y and other HFSE as Cr, Ni, Cu, together with Zn. Minor elements were Ti, Mn, Fe which are often to the above refractories related. According to their normalized spidergrams two sets of sediments can be differentiated. Those from Pilcomayo and Verde rivers as well as from km164-Wetland show light rare earth elements (LREE) enrichment, negative Nb and Ti anomalies and no spike at Zr. On the other hand, sediments from Confuso, Aguaray(Jehe), Negro and Montelindo rivers have spidergrams very alike, with strong negative anomalies at Nb, Nd and Ti whereas a positive at Zr. Further, in the former there is a strong correlation of Fe versus the refractory elements; such a correlation does not exist in the latter. The sediments from the Pilcomayo & Verde Rivers and from the km164-Wetland evolved as the sub-Andean/Andean metamorphic/sedimentary materials.


Bottom sediments Western Paraguay Chaco rivers XRF Refractory elements LREE Andean Denudation Recycled 


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  1. 1.HydroconsultAsunciónParaguay
  2. 2.J. Stefan InstituteLjubljanaSlovenia

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